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Advice on promoting environmental videos via /r/environmental_science

Advice on promoting environmental videos

(Please let me know if this type of posts are not acceptable, I’ll happily remove it. I’m intentionally NOT providing any information that might lead you to the content that I’m talking about, since that wouldn’t be right here)


I’m a young environmental scientist, and I’ve always had a passion for education. At this stage, I want to take some time alongside my regular work to explore untraditional forms of education.

So, I’m making a few videos on environmental issues aimed at a general audience, and uploading them to YouTube. (The videos would be providing facts on various things like Agriculture, climate change, even problems like poaching etc. Along with facts, it’d also try to provide some analysis. Please do note, the videos will not always be serious in nature, so as to appeal to a broad audience)

Does anybody have any advice on specific mediums that I could use to reach people who might be interested in videos like this? Any specific groups or networks?

Thank you so much in advance!

Submitted July 01, 2018 at 12:58PM by rafeemostafa
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