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Automated soil colour clasification via /r/Soil

Automated soil colour clasification

Hi All,

New to the sub, so hope its okay to ask some technical questions.

As part of my PhD research, I am taking a tangent and starting to look at soil development on moraines as a relative indication of age. As part of this, I will be analysing soil colour (amongst other factors), with the aim of establishing any soil reddening with age. To assess the colour of the soil I’ll be comparing samples with a Munsell soil colour chart, but the caveat here is that this analysis is going to be quite subjective (especially when I start and am getting my eye into the method).

Does anyone know if there is a way once could automate colour identification of soils so that it removes subjectivity? e.g. a program that reviews photographs of soils and then classifies their colour according to the Munsell soil colour system.

Thanks in advance,


Submitted July 11, 2019 at 08:52AM by The_MrJoshua
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