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Check out the 2018 Annual Report for the Michigan Recycling Reporting Program!

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Michigan’s recycling reporting law requires certain recyclingestablishments to report on what they recycle each year. These recycling establishments, along with other voluntary reporters, help the state determine what is being accomplished in terms of recycling in Michigan, as well as where we need to focus our efforts to increase it in the future.

The2018Annual Report details the amount of paper, plastics, glass, ferrous and nonferrous metals, textiles, and single stream recyclables thatwere reported as recycled by participants in the Recycling Reporting Program in Fiscal Year 2018. It also compares data between the first twoyears of the Program. View the report here [ ]!

Please note that the data included in this report does not reflect a statewide recycling rate. The numbers in this report are comprised of a portion of materials that are included inthe recycling rate.

2018 Recycling Reporting Annual Report

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