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Chemicals Under Review for November 2018

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No chemicals were added to the Chemicals Under Review list this past month.

Two new chemicals were added to the ITSL/IRSL database [ ] this past month with the following screening levels. These chemicals will be posted for formal public comment when there are more chemical screening levels and justifications available to post as a group.

*_CAS No._*











Dichloroacetic acid






Pentapotassium bis(peroxymonosulphate) bis(sulphate)



To view the Chemicals Under Review list for November 2018, please visit the DEQ Air Quality Web page [,4561,7-135-3310—,00.html ]. Click on the Permits tab, followed by the Air Toxics Screening Levels tab located on the bottom left side of the page. The Chemicals Under Review [ ] list is the last item in this category.

Along with the new formal public review, we will continue our past practice of inviting and addressing questions or concerns about the Air Quality Division screening levels at any time. If you have further questions, please contact Doreen Lehner <>, Air Quality Division, at 5172846753.

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