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College Major/Future Career Advice via /r/environmental_science

College Major/Future Career Advice

Hello. I’m an entering freshman majoring in environmental science this year. Obviously, with so much time left, I don’t have a set vision of what exactly I want to do with this major, other than just generally help the world. I do also have a love for chemistry so much so that I’ve been considering double majoring with chemistry (specializing in biochemistry) since a lot of courses naturally overlap. I have a few questions regarding this and environmental science in general:

1) Is the payout from a double major of Env. Science and Biochemistry worth it in the long run? As in, for most future careers, would they make me look much more appealing as a candidate for a job?

2) I’ve heard many stories about the stress and workload that comes with a science major. I’m naturally a pretty stressed and anxious person, so would double majoring even with so many courses overlapping make college too hellish?

3) My family naturally asks the question, “What are you going to do with your major and does it pay well?” and having an answer such as “I’m not exactly sure” bothers them. Knowing my love for both environmental science and chemistry, as well as that I’m hopefully going to at least get my Master’s degree, what would be some of the best career paths to research?

4) Is there any other information or advice that you could give out now that you wish somebody would have told you, regarding either Env. Science as a major or a career choice?

I know that’s a lot of questions to throw out at once, especially given that I haven’t even started college yet. Don’t feel like you need to answer all of them. As I said previously, I’m just stressed and anxious about making the right choices for a major and ultimately a career. I understand a lot can change in 4 years, but I’d just like some insight from people who’ve accomplished this goal. Thank you for your time in reading/responding to this post.

Submitted August 12, 2019 at 11:20PM by Atticus2929
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