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Conflicted between similar Environmental majors! via /r/environmental_science

Conflicted between similar Environmental majors!

Hello everyone! I am a first-year student at a California university who is currently working towards an Environmental Science & Management degree. My main interests in environmental science incllude ecology, restoration, plants&animals, and the like. In the future, I would love to work out in the field a lot more than being in an office/lab. By this I mean going out to these places and collecting samples/data in an effort to restore habitats and such. The current degree I’m working on in ESM, like I said, with an “Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation Track”. The thing is, this program is very interdisciplinary with classes such as Economics, Geology, and Statistics (which I know are important and plan on taking regardless.), so I feel as this won’t really lead me necessarily towards the path of my desired career. Now I recently found out there is also an “Ecological Management and Restoration” major offered, which sounds more down the alley I wanna follow. The courses for
this are much more focused on ecology and plant biology and seems to be more field/practice oriented. I wanted to know any of your opinions on what degree sounds better or you think will lead me more towards what I’d like (and will give me better opportunities possibly). Thank you!! 🙂 [edit]: realized how long this post is.. my apologies.

Submitted May 26, 2018 at 01:27PM by angelsolares98
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