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DEC Region 5 Announces Pelt-Sealing Opportunity for Trappers

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DEC Region 5 Announces Pelt-Sealing Opportunity for Trappers

Pelt Sealing Event Dec. 7 in Port Henry

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced today that DEC Region 5 Wildlife staff will be at FMB Bait & Tackle Shop, 4133 Main Street, Port Henry, NY, from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. to provide trappers with the opportunity to have pelts of bobcat, fisher, marten, and otter sealed as required by regulation.

Fisher and marten trapping seasons in the Adirondacks closed November 30, and pelts of these species trapped in the Adirondacks must be sealed by December 10. The trapping season for fisher in eastern New York outside the Adirondacks closes December 10, and pelts of fisher trapped in these areas must be sealed by December 20.

The pelts of all four species must be sealed before the pelt is:

* Sold or transferred to another person;
* Mounted or tanned; or
* Transported out of New York State.

Trappers *must* submit the carcass of martens and the skull or lower jaw of fishers to DEC before they can seal the pelt. DEC uses the carcasses, skull, and lower jaw to determine population structure and trends. This information is used to set seasons and limits.

DEC Wildlife staff can also seal pelts sealed at the DEC offices in Ray Brook or Warrensburg. Trappers should contact the wildlife unit prior to bringing in pelts to ensure wildlife staff is present. Contact the Ray Brook Office Wildlife Unit at 518-897-1291 or the Warrensburg Office Wildlife Unit at 518-623-1240.

In addition, DEC Environmental Conservation Police Officers (ECO) can seal pelts, although trappers must arrange a meeting time and location in advance. Contact the DEC Dispatch at 518-897-1326 for the name and telephone number of the local ECO [ ] or check the DEC website.

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