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Deciding Between Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering or Both via /r/environmental_science

Deciding Between Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering or Both


I’m currently a year 12 student in Australia and am having a difficult time with deciding on what I want to study at university next year.

I really love the environment, I love being outside and not always being stuck behind a computer sitting at a desk. In my career I would really love to be out in the field a lot doing work. With that being said though, I’m also one of your classic ‘maths nerds’ and was one of the top maths students in the state last year.

My interest in being out doing a lot of work in the field has drawn me to the Bachelor of Science (majoring in ecology), but my strength in maths has drawn me to doing a Bachelor of Environmental Engineering. The other option is that I do a double degree, doing both.

I’m worried that if I do engineering, its going to be too much just sitting at a desk doing ‘maths stuff’ throughout my degree and future career. However, I’m also worried if I do the science degree (going by some of the research I’ve done), the pay/opportunities is far less than if you did engineering.

If anyone could help me with this predicament it would be much appreciated.

Submitted June 23, 2019 at 05:58AM by HooHoo7002
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