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Degrees and Careers

Hi I’m 17 and choosing my subjects for uni. I’m undertaking a BSci and I’m very interested in majoring in environmental science. However, I am worried that undertaking a BSci with a major in environmental science would put me at a disadvantage compared to those who just went straight for an environmental science degree. I went into this degree because I was offered a decent amount of scholarship money, it’s a highly regarded uni, and I didn’t want to cut off other interests in science (ie: chemistry is really fun).

I’m Australian so advice from people who have experience within the Australian industry would be great, but any advice/knowledge from anyone is greatly appreciated !!

Also, I’m really interested in the research side of things (ie: creating ecofriendly materials, cleaning up or reducing waste) so if anyone ended up doing these things I’m really interested in how you got there 🙂

Edit: forgot to say this but I also heard geology is pretty neat so I’m also keeping that option open as a major or for post-grad studies if need be.

Submitted January 22, 2018 at 05:06AM by carolinh2000
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