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EnvioScience major in their very first semester who probably should’ve pursued Enginerring. Need advice. via /r/environmental_science

EnvioScience major in their very first semester who probably should’ve pursued Enginerring. Need advice.

Im in my first year of college and I’m pursuing a BS in EnvioScience rn by doing a 2+2 program where I get an associates when I finish community college then transfer to a 4 year college, and thanks to this sub I’m also gonna be pursuing GIS too after this semester. I organized this so poorly since I didn’t know what I wanted to do until near the end of senior year, but I think I’d like to be involved in Policy and/or sustainable development too as I have a dream of one day becoming a politician and using that power to push us towards 100% clean and renewable energy and fixing our ecosystem while also rebuilding our infrastructure (I know, pipe dream).

The community college I’m at rn doesn’t have political science, but I’m transferring my credits in 2 years to a 4 year college (Hopefully Penn State since they’re the 2nd best college in my state for my major) so I could take political science there; but I’m a little ignorant about how minors and certificates work so I don’t know if that’s even viable. I’m also wondering if I should be taking an engineering class since I have a few years of CAD experience from high school and I’m seeing a lot of people saying that Enviornmental Science winds you up with low paying jobs, which kinda makes me regret not majoring EnvioEnginering instead.

Would taking political science for 2 years even get me anything?

Is it possible for me to even pursue policy and/or sustainable development while I’m doing EVIOS and GIS?

Could I use an EnvioScience and an Engineering degree as a substitute for EvioEngineering?

Can I and should I try to get into Environmental Policy or Environmental Engineering instead?

I’m so fucking disorganized and indecisive I need help. I can’t even concentrate on my homework right now cause im thinking about it nonstop, I’m worried.

TLDR: I’m a freshmen in my first semester who’s taking EnvioScience whos scared that they won’t find a job in the future and doesn’t know what they should do

EDIT: I forgot to add my classes I’m taking during this semester Environmental Science Macroeconomics Math English And some dumb mandatory college introduction class

Submitted September 20, 2017 at 08:32PM by KG1212
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