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Getting a MS after a BA? via /r/environmental_science

Getting a MS after a BA?

Someone please tell me if I’m being unrealistic here. So I’ve recently graduated with a BA in Geography and an emphasis in GIS. My expectation was to get a GIS technician career out of college as the market is large. I was surprised to learn how competitive the GIS world is, with most grads having skills far ahead of the actual job qualifications in programming and developing. I haven’t been able to land any entry level jobs.

Geography jobs outside of GIS are, well, limited. I’m struggling to find anything that I would meet the requirements for. Im entertaining the idea of getting a masters in the fields of natural recourses, conservation, or maybe even environmental science as I’ve always been heavily interested in this. However, I’d be at a real disadvantage considering I haven’t had any chemistry or biology classes outside of my gen Ed’s. Has anyone here had a similar story to mine? Would applying for a MS be a total waste?

Submitted September 05, 2019 at 12:03PM by confused_adult1
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