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Hi I’m currently in the process of applying for environmental science BSc Hons. Applying for my foundation year and.. via /r/environmental_science

Hi I’m currently in the process of applying for environmental science BSc Hons. Applying for my foundation year and..

I’d like if someone could do a once over on my personal statement and give me some feedback.

Change the world, save the planet. Innovation is what is needed in sustainable energy, improve ideas already implemented and adapt to the transition that is beginning at a snail’s pace. Lithium ion, solar and wind are the base ideas. But where could these ideas go? What possibilities can we see in our future? The Inevitably ending fossil fuels needs to be swapped out before we run out. This is where I come in, my first foot in the door. My first step into learning of how to save the planet and ultimately the future. How can I improve my knowledge, broaden my horizons and learn all I need to know about Environmental sciences. Pursue my dreams and open my mind. To sustain our future, we have to pioneer sustainable energy. I believe yesterday is the time to start, so instead today is the day to make the change. In two hundred years we have used over 3 quarters of fossil fuels and with demand on the rise I fear for the next generations after us. How will my children and grandchildren live in the future? Will they see the end of humanity caused by global warming. Will I? I like the movie the day after tomorrow, I wouldn’t like to live it.

Given the opportunity to learn I will. I have a passion for the sciences, taking an NVQ level two in exercise and fitness to broaden my own knowledge. The books I read soaked in the information as if my brain was a sponge. Consisting of anatomy, human biology and physiology. With a basic background of knowledge in the core sciences and even some geographical science. This would be a great foundation to build on and learn the key skills for environmental science and push my mind to the maximum. A seminar predominantly about recycling management first peaked my interest in the environment. As I’ve aged my intellect has stayed yet my knowledge has grown. The say you can’t learn wise, it comes with time but for every individual that time is different.

With a basic background and youth in engineering and mechanics, growing up helping my dad fix cars and studying in school. I have a strong understanding in the workshop and adapt and learn to the environment around me. I am a focused and driven with any given task. Showing planning skills, leadership and solitary work. It is also essential and a great benefit for myself and others to work together, whether that be sharing ideas and thoughts to aiding in tasks and sharing methods. It is best to have high organization skills as this is to aid in productivity, planning and even in management. A project I worked on building benches for a charity garden consisted of planning as a team, splitting into smaller teams to start manufacturing then back to a full team for assembly. All achieved by organization skills.

I like to stay up to date with current affairs, I always have my head stuck on some news site or in a newspaper. But I’m a tech bug at heart. Anyone who knows me will tell you I will always have something in my hand usually alongside with a screwdriver. How does it work? How can I get it to work better? Then there’s the computers, Christopher will fix it is a term commonly used. I like to tinker. Then there are the common tropes I love to play PlayStation. It’s nice to switch off and socialize. But I still like to learn usually following the latest in the media in the science world, Elon Musk comes to mind. Dubbed the real Iron Man. It truly wouldn’t surprise me if he came flying out in an iron suit, but I’d bet my life it was battery powered.

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