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How does soil organic content influence soil texture? via /r/Soil

How does soil organic content influence soil texture?

What the title says. On the soil texture “pyramid,” soil texture is composed of either sand, silt, or clay. My understanding is that the soil texture pyramid primarily involves grain size (sand is biggest, silt smaller, clay even smaller) but I’m having a hard time understanding how organics fit in. What grain size do organics tend to decompose into? Sand? Silt? Clay? I’ve noticed on soilgrids that you have a LOT of silt along river floodplains and wetlands where you have aggregation of organics from regular flooding, even if the surrounding area is dominated by sand (so for instance, the Nile River).

So would you say that organics tend to decompose down into silt and clay sized grains and influence soil texture in that fashion?

Submitted June 12, 2019 at 10:34AM by Demiansky
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