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Hunting & Trapping Newsletter

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Hunting and Trapping Newsletter

Too Many Deer Impact Forest Health

ForestDoes your woods have an open understory or an obvious browse line? These are clear signs of too many deer. To improve your woodland habitat, for the benefit of deer and other wildlife and for the sustainability of your forest, consider harvesting more antlerless deer. DECs Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP) is available to help landowners in this situation. DMAP permittees receive additional antlerless deer tags that they can use or distribute to licensed hunters of their choice for use on the property where they are experiencing problems. The tags can be used only during open deer hunting seasons.

To see the eligibility requirements for DMAP, or to download an application form, visit the DMAP web page. Applications for this fall must be submitted to your regional DEC office by *August 1*.

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