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I’ve got 2 degrees, but not in ES via /r/environmental_science

I’ve got 2 degrees, but not in ES

Hi guys!

I’ve got a BS and MS in computer science, and I work for a Major Tech Company, but I’ve discovered that working on meaningless products and lining the pockets of a possible monopoly is kind of soul-sucking. Perhaps I should have gone to school for ES in the first place, but I followed the money and here I am.

Given that I already have a technical degree, I’m hoping to find a way to transition careers without going back to school. What I’m wondering, I guess, is if having a technical but unrelated degree helps me at all here. Are you guys aware of any jobs or job families that are more open to someone in my position? I’m specifically hoping for something that would have career prospects in research and conservation.

Currently I’ve just been looking into volunteer opportunities to get myself out there and start talking to people in the field. I live in Seattle, so there are lots, thank goodness. My thought is that, perhaps, I’d be able to build up some relevant experience through volunteering and then present myself as a viable candidate.

(I am also looking into going back to school, and in fact I kind of really want to because I love school. I just don’t want to spend tens of thousands on another degree if I don’t really need to.)

For what it’s worth, I’m also looking into the more obvious option of finding a programming job working for an environmental organization, since computers are everywhere, and I’d definitely feel better working on something that helped the environment than I currently do working on meaningless buzzword nonsense products. This will probably be my next career move no matter what. I just want to avoid getting pigeonholed into tech forever.

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