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LDEQ permit public notices for Statewide

Soil sampling, remediation, and environmental risk analysis:
Notification of of environmental permitting actions for facilities located in a specified parish or parishes within our state. The attached public notice document(s) either solicits your comments on an environmental permit action, or announces a scheduled public hearing.
Information included in the attached document identifies the facility and its location, along with a description of the environmental permit action or scheduling of a public hearing. The notice also includes directions on how to provide your comments or concerns to LDEQ about the permit action. You will also find contact information for agency personnel working on this matter, as well as information on finding files associated with this action through our online file system, EDMS using the Agency Interest (AI) and Permit Activity (PER) numbers provided. Please note: Some material associated with the draft permit will not be available for public review until the day of publication (provided at the end of the public notice).
More information on public participation for permitting activities can be found on DEQ’s Public Participation Group webpage at:
Please call LDEQ Customer Service Center at: (225) 219-LDEQ (219-5337) if you have questions related to permits public participation activities.
Thank you.
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