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Looking For Feedback On Software For Environmental Scientists via /r/environmental_science

Looking For Feedback On Software For Environmental Scientists


I came across a request for software in your field, and just wanted to know if this is a current need or the person is just behind the times.

“I work in the field of Environmental Science. A problem I face is that when I am in the field, data collection for most part is not taken in a digital format. I need some kind of app where I can enter plant names, types, weights, species etc. but not in a table format. Afterward I could I then put this data directly into excel or access, like a csv. A true spreadsheet doesn’t work in the field with all your gear on in harsh conditions. This would require simplified entry screens with different displays to make the job functional. Full screen engagement for each blank, with drop down menus, fill in the blank and numeric only screens.”

Submitted December 19, 2018 at 07:25AM by Turin_Martell
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