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Minor to pair with my major in environmental science via /r/environmental_science

Minor to pair with my major in environmental science

So I am making my schedule tomorrow for my new school I’ll be transferring too after completing community college this semester. As of right now I’ll have an associate in environmental studies (my community college didn’t offer environmental science). My plan was to major in environmental science with a minor in environmental studies but now I am second guessing whether or not I should change my minor. As far as what I want to do as a career I am not to sure however I do know that just about anything in the field interests me. I’ve always been a huge nerd and can sit in front of a computer for hours on end whether it be for gaming or working. I also live the outdoors and could spend hours outdoors whether it is just enjoying the weather or playing sports etc. Anyways I was mostly wondering what a minor in environmental studies would help me land career wise or if I’d be better off switching to computer science or simething.

TLDR: what career type will a minor in environmental studies help me land. Perks of switching?

Submitted December 12, 2017 at 04:21PM by zach7797
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