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Phase II ESA Question via /r/environmental_science

Phase II ESA Question

I’m probably overthinking this but I was hoping to get some feedback on this project I’m working. I usually work large military or industrial sites but I recently took on a small Phase I ESA for a small operation car dealership here in Texas. Only finding was a small concrete pad that stored 55gal drums of oil. There was staining on the concrete pad and a little on the side into the soil.

So I recommend a Phase II to test for presence of petroleum products in the soil. I didn’t think there would be much in the soil, so I offered to cheaply hand-auger a few samples to confirm it wasn’t more than a foot into the soil.

Today I went 4ft down and the entire depth smelt horrible, like a lot of product. I hit refusal due to rock and tree roots, but the soil was still smelling very potent. I imagine it’s all going to come back really hot.

Question: does this go straight to Phase III? Or should I bring in a driller to determine depth of the product in hopes it’s not too deep? Or is 4ft of impacted soil enough to move forward for sure?

Submitted June 30, 2018 at 10:06PM by beardedbarnabas
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