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The documents listed below have been posted to theGelman Sciences, Inc. Site ofContamination Information Page [,1607,7-135-3311_4109_9846_9847-71595–,00.html ].

The Gelman Laboratory “Sample Analysis Reports”for samples collected and analyzed inJune and July 2018 have been posted to the Recent Analytical Data [,4561,7-135-3311_4109_9846_30022-71616–,00.html ] tab.

The Gelman Site – “NPDES Monitoring Reports” forJune and July 2018 have been posted to the [,4561,7-135-3311_4109_9846_30022-71616–,00.html ]Selected Documents [,4561,7-135-3311_4109_9846_30022-72394–,00.html ] tab.

The “DEQ Gelman Access Database” has been posted to the [,4561,7-135-3311_4109_9846_30022-71616–,00.html ]DEQ Gelman Access Database [ ] tab under the What’s New links.The database contains data provided to DEQ, monthly, by Gelman.The databasefile, which includes*June and July *data,must be copied to your computerand opened using Microsoft Access.

TheGelman 2nd Quarter 2018 “Progress Report”has been posted to the Selected Documents [,4561,7-135-3311_4109_9846_30022-72394–,00.html ] tab”.

The “Average Monthly Extraction Flow Rates – Gelman Site (June2018) “tablehas been posted to the Selected Documents [,4561,7-135-3311_4109_9846_30022-72394–,00.html ] tab. This table presents the pumpingratesof the individual extraction wells.

For questions, please contact Dan Hamel, Project Manager, DEQ, RRD,517-745-6595 or

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