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Real world outlook with a plant and soil science degree. via /r/Soil

Real world outlook with a plant and soil science degree.

I know what the internet tells me, but I’m curious to see if real people could help me with what my income and options would be after graduation.

I’m a plant and soil science major and by the time I graduate (bachelors), I will have roughly 5 years experience in intensive rotational grazing (cattle) with cover crops and native species. And will have created a no hay system from scratch without the use of commercial fertilizers.

I’d like to make $70000 within 1-3 years after graduation I’m very interested in grazing and conservation consulting. (NRCS, forestry, extension, etc)

From your experience, how realistic are my “town job” goals, and how should they be adjusted. And is there something that fits that I simply haven’t thought of?

Submitted February 07, 2019 at 08:37AM by moomoomuthafuka
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