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Recently graduated with a BS in environmental science, not sure what to do next, need advice! via /r/environmental_science

Recently graduated with a BS in environmental science, not sure what to do next, need advice!

Hi all,

Recently graduated with a BS in environmental science from a state school, I did well but did not get much non-academic experiences while I was there. The only non-academic thing I have on my resume is that I was an intern for an environmental planner at a local non-profit, I mainly handled a GIS based project to evaluate all the parcels in the county for ag and farm preservation.

Obviously I should apply for jobs, but I don’t really see much that I think i’m qualified for in my area (NYS), the DEC (our state environmental agency) is not really hiring, they maybe have two positions open, took the state civil service exam and never heard anything about it again.

I know another option could be SCA but they require me to uproot my life for 5 – 12 months which I would be fine with but I’m just not in a position to do that right now.

I was thinking maybe I should just expand my job search to anything and take classes part time to maybe expand my options for grad school/ make me more employable. What courses / certificates would you recommend?

I think I enjoy the sciences more than policy and planning, I really enjoyed my chemistry courses so was thinking about maybe taking more courses so I could get into a grad program. Another thing I was thinking was taking the calc series and physics at my local community college to see if I could get into an engineering program .

What do you think of this? What would you do as a recent graduate who is not really sure what do next?

Submitted May 22, 2017 at 01:24PM by mitslavashbg
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