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Septic Sludge –> Fertilizer via /r/environmental_science

Septic Sludge –> Fertilizer

I work in the waste management field, and have a very lucrative problem.

I am on the West Coast in a fairly wealthy area, that has relatively expensive industrial property (5 acres for about 600,000).

My current business takes about 5,000 of septic sludge a day, and we are forced to pay about $500 to the city in order to dispose of the waste. Now I have pumped in two different counties, and I know for a fact that both counties charge us pumpers for their waste (at around $110-$170 for a 1,500 gallon load), with about 1/3 of the load being complete poop water, while the remaining 2/3 being 10x-1000x concentrated poop.

So about 20 tons of liquid/poop a day, that I could be turning it valuable fertilizer.

How can I legally dispose of my sewage/sludge in any other legal manner that results in me not having to pay the city?

Submitted November 08, 2017 at 02:41PM by fooktard0
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