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Should I drop physics? via /r/environmental_science

Should I drop physics?

Searched the subreddit and couldn’t find much relevant info, so i thought I would make a post.

I am going into my first year of an Environmental Science undergrad in September, and have to make my course selections soon. None of the enviro sci programs at my university require physics, but it is available as an elective.

I wanted to ask people in the field whether physics is relevant to my studies and whether I should continue with it, even if just an introductory course or two in my undergrad. Do the concepts of regular and modern physics provide any benefit in the study of the environment? Will it make my upper level courses easier? Will having physics experience open doors for me in the future as far as grad school programs and job opportunities are concerned?

My other courses are Biology (Biodiversity and Evolution; Cellular and Microbiology) Chemistry (Intro I & II), Calculus (I&II), Environmental Science (Climate, Water and Environment; Intro to Earth Science) and Intro to Geography.

I don’t know enough about the field to have any definitive research or career goals, but my interests include climate, hydrology, and biodiversity.

For reference this is what my university has provided as course descriptions:

Intro to Physics : The topics we will cover include the concepts of force and energy,mechanics, waves and fluids.

Intro to Modern Physics: A course presenting aspects of modern physics relevant to life sciences. Electromagnetic fields. Atomic, quantum, and nuclear physics.

I would appreciate any and all advice. Thanks in advance!

Submitted June 30, 2018 at 11:55PM by really_awesome_guy
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