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Show Me The Money: The ROI of Green Cleaning in Schools

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image: Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools Program [ ]

IAQ Knowledge-to-Action Professional Training Webinar Series [ ]

*Green Cleaning for Improved Health:*
The Return on Investment (ROI) of Green Cleaning in Schools

Register– Date: Thursday, June 22, 2017; Time: 1:00 p.m.-2:30 p.m. EDT [ ] Download: School IAQ Assessment Mobile App [ ]

Webinar participants will learn how to

* Incorporate evidence-based green cleaning techniques and best practices into a comprehensive system for achieving indoor environmental health.
* Utilize data tracking and evaluation strategies to develop a business case, a value proposition and a communication strategy that generate broader acceptance of, compliance with and funding for green cleaning.
* Design and successfully implement a strategy to identify, collect and use data with low-cost, easy-to-use tools (e.g., the School IAQ Assessment Mobile App [ ]) to make the case for green cleaning approaches.
* Track such technical measures as return on investment; the results of surface adenosine triphosphate (ATP) testing; asthma incidence, attendance rates and other important health and performance measures; reductions in occupant complaints; and improvement in IAQ.
* Replicate the strategies used by school districts that have successfully developed and implemented green cleaning programs to reduce costs and improve health by using the Communicate and Evaluate Key Drivers of the “IAQ Tools for Schools” Framework [ ].

Featured IAQ Experts

* Tracy Enger, “Indoor Environments Division, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency”
* Shawna Cragun, “Custodial Services Director, Davis School District, Utah”
* Mike Jones, “Director of Custodial Services, Columbia Public Schools, Utah”

What Is the IAQ Knowledge-to-Action Professional Training Webinar Series?

The IAQ Knowledge-to-Action Professional Training Webinar Series [ ] comprises 1-hour technical, core-competency, Web-based trainings that demonstrate how the knowledge gained in the IAQ Master Class Professional Training Webinar Series [ ] can be translated into actions that improve or sustain an IAQ management program within your school or school district.

*Learn* from technical experts, industry leaders and model school districts during these free, on-demand 1-hour webinars. A 30-minute mentoring Q&A session follows each webinar.

You will learn how to implement a successful organizational and programmatic framework for comprehensive, proactive IAQ management using EPAs Framework for Effective School IAQ Management: Key Drivers [ ]. In addition, the series covers the critical actions needed to address building-related environmental health issues (Technical Solutions [ ]) and explains how to use the detailed walkthrough assessment checklists in the SchoolIAQAssessmentMobileApp [ ] to identify and prioritize IAQ improvements.

*Gain recognition* for your knowledge acquisition and commitment to action by receiving a certificate of completion for each training.

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