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TCEQ Daily Air Quality Forecast Update

Environmental assessment information: the “Texas Daily Air Quality Forecast” from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. This information has recently been updated, and is now available [ ].

Forecast based on EPA’s Air Quality Index (AQI)
AQI Scale [ ] *Forecast Region*
*(Click name for AIRNOW version)* *Mon*
*06/11/2018* *Tue*
*06/12/2018* *Wed*
*06/13/2018* *Thu*
*06/14/2018* *Amarillo* [ ] Ozone/PM2.5 Ozone Ozone Ozone *Austin* [ ] PM2.5 Good Good Good *Beaumont-Port Arthur* [ ] PM2.5 PM2.5 Good Good *Brownsville-McAllen* [ ] PM2.5 PM2.5 Good Good *Corpus Christi* [ ] PM2.5 PM2.5 Good Good *Dallas-Fort Worth* [ ] PM2.5 Good Ozone Ozone *El Paso* [ ] Ozone Ozone Ozone Ozone *Houston* [ ] PM2.5 PM2.5 Good Good *Laredo* [ ] PM2.5 PM2.5 Good Good *Lubbock* [ ] Ozone/PM2.5 Ozone Ozone Ozone *Midland-Odessa* [ ] Ozone/PM2.5 Ozone Ozone Ozone *San Antonio* [ ] PM2.5 Good Good Good *Tyler-Longview* [ ] PM2.5 PM2.5 Good Good *Victoria* [ ] PM2.5 PM2.5 Good Good *Waco-Killeen* [ ] PM2.5 Good Good Good An asterisk (*) indicates that an Ozone Action Day is or will be in effect for the indicated region.

Forecast Discussion

*”Monday 06/11/2018 “*
Winds may be light enough and/or incoming background levels high enough for ozone to reach “Moderate” in parts of the Amarillo, El Paso, Lubbock, and Midland-Odessa areas, with highest concentrations in the afternoon and early evening.

African dust is expected to continue over much of the eastern two-thirds of the state and should raise the daily PM2.5 AQI to the “Moderate” range in most spots along and east of a line from Langtry to Childress.

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