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Tree tips for teachers and landowners inside

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School Seedling Program Applications due March 31st

Teachers may receive free tree or shrub seedlings to plant with their students. [ ]Hey teachers and youth club leaders! Want to help pass on a care for conservation and stewardship to your students? Sign up for DEC’s School Seedling Program from the Saratoga Tree Nursery [ ]! New York schools and youth-oriented clubs can apply to receive an order of 30-50 trees or shrubs to plant with their students. Looking for some tree planting inspiration? Arbor Day [ ] is just around the corner on 4/26 – a planting event is a great way to celebrate this holiday and the many benefits trees provide us with [ ]!

*Applications for the School Seedling Program are due March 31st.* If you need assistance, contact your regional DEC Lands and Forests office [ ] for specific information about the program. Each school or organization may receive one order per year.

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