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Undergrad degree in psychology…now want to do environmental science and management. via /r/environmental_science

Undergrad degree in psychology…now want to do environmental science and management.

I got my B.A. in Psychology (neuroscience concentration) in 2014 (3.26 GPA, not great, I know)…I’ve previously worked in psychology research labs and I now work as a development assistant at a well known university in their Foundation Relations department (our team helps submit research proposals for $$$). Back in high school, I really wanted to go into environmental studies, but when I was rejected from my dream school for that major (I had lots of internships and awards related to it) I became disheartened and just went into psychology (it was easy for me).

Now I realize that my passion for the environment and conservation is still there. Would it be possible to go into a master’s in environmental studies? I would like to concentrate on ecosystem conservation. I’ve enrolled in some classes at the local community college (human impact on environment, physical geography, and marine biology). What else could I do to increase my chances of acceptance into one of these programs? Could I possibly include in my statement my previous passion and work during high school? I work full-time so getting another internship related to it would be difficult. I could volunteer on the weekends, however and I’ve emailed some local conservation projects to get involved.

I emailed one of the programs I’m interested in and their average admitted GPA is 3.5 (minimum 3.0). Even with a good GRE score, will I be wasting my time applying to this program? I also read the bios of some current students and I feel very intimidated because it seems a lot of them were biology or ecology undergraduates. If by some miracle I do get accepted, will I feel “behind”?

I will also be applying to public administration master’s programs, just in case. I feel that I have the right requirements and job experience for it and could try to concentrate on environmental causes. It won’t be my dream job, but it would probably be a better bet.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted July 27, 2017 at 12:27PM by photofirst
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