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UPDATE: Carmeuse Lime & Stone Permit Issued – With Changes

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*UPDATE: Carmeuse Lime & Stone Permit Issued With Changes*

The Air Quality Division (AQD) has approved Carmeuse Lime & Stones permit for the ability to burn used oil on a permanent basis and biosolids on a temporary basis in their existing lime kilns, in River Rouge, Michigan with changes.

The AQD made the following changes in response to comments and concerns received during the public hearing and public comment period:

* Reduced the amount of used oil fuel allowed from 2,185 gallons per hour to 1,838 gallons per hour.
* Added testing requirements for nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and volatile organic compounds during the biosolids trial burn.
* Modified language to clarify which emission limits do not apply during startup, shutdown, or malfunction conditions.

More details on AQDs review and the approved permit can be found at:

* 128-17 Response to Comments [ ]
* 128-17 Permit Conditions [ ]
* Proposed Project Summary [ ]

The Response to Comments Document includes the response to all comments that were received during the comment period. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality does not have the ability to make changes to the permit for every comment received. Many times, the rules and regulations that currently exist do not allow for changes that the public may want. In these cases, the laws themselves may need to be changed, which may involve legislative action.

You can find out more information on Air Quality permits out for comment [ ], click Permits.

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