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UPDATE: Oregon’s eRule Implementation and NetDMR setup for NPDES Permits

“This email provides information and updates on Oregons NetDMR project.”

*IMPORTANT Information for Permittees:*

New registrations to the NetDMR Production system will NOT be allowed during the period from *May 12-18, 2017*.

The system is being upgraded. All users will have limited to no access to NetDMR Production between *May 19-22, 2017*.

*Updates from DEQ’s NetDMR Project Team:*

* Individual Major NPDES permit setup in the Integrated Compliance Information System database often called ICIS is 100 percent complete.
* All Individual Major permit holders should be in NetDMR production by May 15.
* Identified administrative needs and received additional support from project leadership team:
* This week, the team is contacting all Major permit holders not yet registered in the NetDMR system and offering assistance.
* Individual Minor NPDES permit setup is at approximately 63 percent and set up in ICIS has resumed.

* Developed a guidance checklist for performing DMR reviews.
* Hosted hands-on training with Western Region water quality permitting staff in Eugene office on May 2.

*Coming up:*

The team will be addressing the following issues:

* Completing ICIS setups for Individual Minor NPDES permits.
* Resolving setup and verification issues and resolving discrepancies for 12 Individual Minor permits.
* A new Q&A on the most common permittee questions is scheduled for posting to DEQ Online this month!
* Developing a revised implementation schedule and identifying a feasible deadline for setup of Individual Minor permits.

*What to do if youhave a question about NetDMR:*

Easy! Send the question to DEQs NetDMR Support Team.


Phone: *503-229-6400*

*For more information:*

Visit the NPDES Reporting Implementation Plan SharePoint project page [ http://deqsps/programs/permits/npdeserip/default.aspx ] to view meeting minutes and other team documents.

Read more about the project on DEQs NPDES Electronic Reporting Rule: Oregons Implementation Plan [ ] web page.

“Thank you on behalf of DEQs NetDMR Implementation Project Team!”


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