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Weird Soil via /r/Soil

Weird Soil


So my brother have found a great type of soil that we made not too long ago. It’s made from grinded up egg shells and black tea from tea bags. He said that the chemicals in both would work well together as a soil, so he started making it.

We’ve had this soil in a container for a week or so, nothing was happening so he decided to take the lid from it and left it for about four days. Four days later in the room that he kept it in, the air in the room started to smell like kerosene or some type of petrol. At first I thought it was some type of oil that was some type of oil that had spilled in the room, but then I remembered the soil. My brother came in and I told him what it was. We both decided to check it out to see what had happened.

So, the soil was then covered in some type of whiteish fluff which we thought was fungus amd there were also alot of bugs that we’ve never seen before crawling & flying around the container. Our instint then was to throw it away, which we did.

I’m just telling this to see if anyone has any use for this weird type of soil, and also to see if anyone knows the type of chemicals found in the egg shells and black tea to see if they do work well together. Thanks

Submitted January 05, 2019 at 06:41PM by chimerchimer
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