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Wetland Delineation Question via /r/environmental_science

Wetland Delineation Question

I’m working on a jurisdictional report on a site in blackland prairies of Texas. There’s a very minor swale on the site with seasonal, infrequent, and short duration flow. Looking at historic aerials, this has never been anything more than hay pasture, and FWS doesn’t show any wetlands except typical riverine for the swale.…

Well, I get to the site and there is significant wetland vegetation (rush, sedge) where the swale enters the property. The rest of the property is bone dry except for this spot where there is mud with standing water in small pockets. Soil pits show usual black clays, but just soaking wet mud, maybe a little on the grey side, but no other indicators. There are literally 3″ gaps in this shrink/swell clay due to recent drought, but this one little pocket is holding up.

It turns out adjacent and upstream of the site, there’s a new subdivision and the stormwater is all now channeled right to this swale entering this site. I believe the new construction dumped some sediment just inside my site, allowing water to pool. And even though it has been really hot and dry here lately, perhaps sprinkler runoff is contributing.

Any advice on how to approach this for the jurisdictional determination report? Thanks!

Submitted August 12, 2019 at 08:48PM by beardedbarnabas
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