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Why You Should Recycle Your Batteries via /r/environmental_science

Why You Should Recycle Your Batteries

This is caused by the batteries in what you’re using to read this. Used in cars and phones to be rechargeable and clean, but they aren’t as clean as you think. The toxins used to process lithium can be hazardous and can leak and kill wildlife local livestock in worst case scenarios. In electric vehicle battery manufacturing plants, they can emit more CO2 emissions than the batteries made for regular combustion cars.

Jiajika, China where a lithium mine polluted the waters and killed the river full of fish and yak.

Even after production, the Li-ion batteries can be dangerous to us and the environment. As most of you should be able to remember, in 2016, these batteries in Samsung Galaxy Note 7s were catching fire, and when they burn, they release toxic metal fumes like cobalt and lead. Obviously, we as consumers have no control over things like these, but we can control its afterlife.

Instead of throwing your battery or old device away into the landfill, consider recycling it. Under landfill condition, these batteries can combust and catch fire, again releasing toxic air emissions. The toxins can also leach into the soil where it makes its way into the groundwater and eventually rivers and oceans, where fish and our food can be contaminated. Recycling your batteries make sure that they are under special conditions to prevent pollution and damage to our health. It also cuts the need for more lithium extraction as the materials can be reused for future Li-ion batteries.…

So here’s how to recycle any of your batteries, from the ones you find in your TV remote to the ones in your car. Programs like Call2Recycle have dropoff locations for all batteries where they accept them free of charge, they are common and usually found at any hardware store. You can search for locations on their website. For car batteries, you can usually return them to the location you bought them and they will gladly accept them.

Call2Recycle drop-off location

So do your part and recycle your toxic batteries and reduce yours and their carbon footprints. Share and upvote to spread the word.

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